9 Awesome Things about Libby

Libby 9 things

Whether you are already an experienced Libby user, or you are just starting to use this new reading app from OverDrive – here’s 9 awesome things that Libby does that you might not know about.

Save your search preferences
It’s great to see everything the library has to offer, but eventually you want to borrow something that is available now and not just put it on hold. Once you set the “available now” preference, Libby will remember it! Here’s how:
1. Tap Preferences from the top of the search list
2. Adjust the filters (including Availability, Format, Language, Audience, and Compatibility)
3. Tap Apply Preferences

You can also refine a specific search without changing the default list preferences.

Define a word
How many times have you stopped to look up a word while reading a book? In Libby, just tap and hold on the word and you’ll get the option to define it. Or maybe you’ve wanted to know more about a real-world location you are reading about in a fictional novel. My recent interest was about Casa Milà in Barcelona, Spain. With Libby, I just could tap and select the phrase Casa Milà and tap Define. Opportunities are given to Google it or go to Wikipedia.

Reveal reading estimates
Not only can you see how far along you are in the book, but you can see how about long it will take to finish reading the book. Libby provides a great estimate of reading time! Tap the menu button when you’re reading or listening to a title, and then tap the name of the book in the top right corner of the screen. There you’ll find how much time you’ve spent enjoying the book and about how much longer it’ll take for you to finish. This will help you decide whether to continue that night’s reading marathon, or if it’s time to turn in for the night 🙂

Show your estimated wait for a title on hold
Holds can seem like forever, but Libby does have a tool to find your approximate wait time. After you place a hold, view your place in line by going to Shelf > Holds and tapping Wait List. This will display the estimated wait time for the title, as well as total holds, total copies, and the number of people waiting per copy.

Help you get through that audiobook quicker
Switching between common playback speeds is easy – just tap the small clock icon at the top of the screen when you’re listening to an audiobook. You can go from less that 1x (I can get as low as 0.60x) to 3x speed. So, for you speed listeners – go ahead and crank up the speed!

Rewinding and Fast Forwarding
Audiobooks are great for their ability to allow you to multitask. If you miss something, you can swipe to rewind or you can fast-forward.

Suspend your holds
Putting titles on hold is great, but sometimes they all come available at once. To solve this, and not miss out on a book you’ve been waiting for, you can have Libby suspend some of those holds until you’re ready. This way, you won’t lose your place in line.  You will still move up the line to #1 and stay there until your suspended hold period ends.

Let you sample any book in our library’s collection
In our physical library, I love to peruse the book shelves and read a few pages of a book to help decide if I want to borrow it. In Libby, you can also sample any ebook or audiobook in our digital collection – even if someone else has already borrowed the book. Just tap on the cover of the title you are interested in, then tap “Read Sample.” You can read up to 10% of the book to decide if it is right for you.

Our Up North Digital Collection is always available!

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