Mission and Vision


The Mason County District Library, by providing appropriate resources in support of the information and recreation needs of area residents, is a center for community enrichment.

Our mission is focused on competent services, quality resources and a welcoming atmosphere built on a foundation of fiscal responsibility.


The Mason County District Library is a multi-function community enrichment organization providing traditional library services as well as access to new technologies to individuals and groups in Mason County.  The administration and staff of the Mason County District Library are dedicated to providing competent service in a friendly environment that not only meets the needs of our patrons/customers but exceeds their expectations. These services and resources will be available in as open, free and convenient manner as possible under the requirement of sound fiscal administration.

The library will work toward achieving this vision by focusing on 14 values:

Plan for Excellence

  1. Acknowledging the library’s traditional role in the community, the library will offer resources, programs and events to encourage reading in all ages.
  2. Acknowledging the library’s role as a cultural center, the library will offer resources, programs and events focusing on cultural and artistic expression.
  3. Acknowledging the library’s special role in service to children, the library will offer programs for children and young adults which focus on the joy and importance of reading, the independent exploration of the world of knowledge, access to technology, exposure to artistic expression and helping patrons develop a sense of community.
  4. Acknowledging the importance of cooperative relationships with area organizations, the library will seek to develop programs with area schools, governmental units, local agencies, clubs and organizations.
  5. Acknowledging the library’s role as the primary
    support for independent self-learners, the library will focus on developing resources and providing access to resources that assist these patrons.
  6. Acknowledging the library’s role in the leisure-time activities of Mason County residents, the library will enhance its offering of recreational reading, audio and video materials on various formats.
  7. Acknowledging the library’s position as intermediary between many patrons and the rapidly changing world of technology, the library will enhance its role in providing access to new technologies.
  8. Acknowledging the library’s role as a community center, the library will be a place where everyone is welcome to visit, and to learn, work, study, read, and utilize library services in an environment that is clean, convenient, accessible, pleasant and comfortable.
  9. The library will seek new and better ways to serve the community, with special emphasis on intergenerational services, and serving those currently unserved or under-served, those geographically isolated, the homebound or those with special circumstances needing individual attention.
  10. Acknowledging the importance of maintaining a dialogue with those we serve, the library will regularly publish, in various formats, information relating to library activities, services and resources. The library will also monitor user satisfaction on a regular basis and will seek patron suggestions and comments.
  11. Acknowledging that the staff plays the central role in the library’s success, the staff will be trained in a variety of disciplines from traditional library services, children and young adult services, new technologies, and other specialized areas.
  12. Acknowledging the importance of volunteers to the library’s operation, the library will seek ways to provide avenues of meaningful service for volunteers.
  13. Acknowledging the importance of ‘back office’ and business activities to efficient library administration, these tasks will be monitored and regularly reviewed to assure that they are appropriate and well designed for their purpose.
  14. Acknowledging that the library is supported with public funds, the management of the library will be based on sound fiscal administration.


In undertaking a formal planning program, the library’s goal was:

  • to define our role in the community – our mission,
  • to express a vision of what that role means and,
  • to outline specific actions to realize that vision.

The library’s board of trustees and staff, library patrons and volunteers, helped to define what would make our library an outstanding public library. This definition included a variety of ideals, such as: up-to-date materials, programs to encourage reading, access to new technologies, children’s programs, pleasant and well-maintained physical environments, sound fiscal administration, and a friendly, competent staff. These ideals, plus others, were distilled into 14 focus areas.  Each area represents a specific way that we can improve the library.  By focusing on programs and services in these 14 areas, we can assure that the Mason County District Library has a well-defined plan for excellence.

By combining technology with personal service and quality resources, we will strive to create an environment that is most conducive to our mission of being the focus for community enrichment.  We will strive to become a leader among small rural libraries in providing the most competent service in the most welcoming atmosphere, in the most efficient manner.