Backyard Birding

The public is invited to a Backyard Birding Zoom presentation Wednesday, March 3 at 7:00 pm hosted by Mason County District Library.

More and more people are enjoying bird feeding while close to home during the Pandemic.  Greg Bodker’s beautiful photography will help you learn more about birds as he demonstrates the joys of birding you can have both in your backyard and in our area.  Novice and aspiring birders will especially benefit from the program.  

Topics include:

  • Discuss the excitement and enjoyment of birdwatching
  • Differences between birdwatching and birding
  • How to attract more birds to your backyard
  • Backyard birds, types of seed, feeders and their care
  • How birding beyond the backyard leads to many enriching experiences
  • Places to go birding in our area
  • The excitement of a bird chase
  • Stories from the field while birding

Greg Bodker has been a serious birder since 2006, combining his interest in birds, nature, and photography as often as possible. Greg has led birding trips for Michigan Audubon and was on its Board of Directors for three years.  Currently, he enjoys delivering birding and nature education presentations to audiences throughout Michigan.  He also has presented at San Antonio Audubon. 

Greg has birded in all of Michigan’s 83 counties and in most of North America.  He is excited to report he saw his 625th North American bird species, a Tufted Duck, while birding in Southwest Michigan in 2019. 

Greg has been a winner in multiple amateur photo contests including the overall winner in Michigan Nature Association’s 2020 Photo Contest.

Mason County District Library Backyard Birding Zoom presentation Wednesday, March 3, 7:00 pm. The Zoom link is