Borrowing Magazines with Libby

Our Up North Michigan Consortium digital collection includes hundreds of magazines! You can borrow and read with the Libby app right on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The gallery of screenshots below gives an overview of what the borrowing process looks on a smartphone.

1) Start out by launching your Libby app, 2) Scroll down to find Magazine series, 3) Optional – Refine your search, 4) Pick a magazine series, 5) – 7) Borrow and confirm borrowing your magazine, let it download and set Notify Me tags for new issues, 8) Open the magazine to read in Libby, 9) Scroll through the magazine and read.

In Libby when reading, you can flick or tap to change pages, zoom the page you are reading, read individual articles (bottom icon), and access magazine navigation (from reading individual articles). Click around and explore!

Lisa Dains

Website administrator, social media manager, ebook and digital device helper.