Catalog Search Tips

We are always happy to help you find the book, movie, or CD book you want. But did you every wish you could narrow down searching our online catalog? Here’s some tips!

Say I want to find a Clive Cussler CD book. If I search just for Clive Cussler, I get over 130 results. Some of the results are physical books that are our libraries – hardback, paperback, and large print. Other results are CD books. These items may be on the shelves, or could be lent out at the moment.

Also listed are ebooks and audio books that are available through our Up North Digital Collection. These books must be borrowed via the internet with the Libby app, or through the Up North web page.

You probably don’t want to look at every one of those 130+ results if you only want a CD book. Our catalog has a way for you to refine that search, so the results are narrowed down. This screenshot is an illustration.

  1. From our catalog,, type an author, title, subject, or other keywords. I’ve used “clive cussler”. The search engine doesn’t care if I capitalized or not.
  2. Originally, there were 133 items found for the author Clive Cussler.
  3. Narrow the search by clicking the “Refine Search” tab at the left side of your screen, then making some choices. Here, I used the Medium field and chose to look only for CD-Books. There are many other ways to refine your search.
  4. The search indicates that we have 15 CD books in our inventory. They may not all be on the shelf right at the moment.
  5. Note the “Available” column. This shows whether Ludington (L) or Scottville (S) has one or more copies on their shelf right now. You can click on any listing to get more information. However, you must be logged in to place a reserve.
  6. At the upper right, enter your library card number and password (the last 4 digits of your phone number) to log in. Then you can place the reserve. We will call, text, or email you when the item is ready to pick up.

When you arrive to pick items up, you can stay in your car if you’d like, and we can bring things out to you. Just call the library (231.843.8465 for Ludington, 231.757.2855 for Scottville) or text our Gabbie messaging service at 231.244.1128. Let us know which parking spot your are in.

Lisa Dains

Website administrator, social media manager, ebook and digital device helper.