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Catalog Search Tips

We are always happy to help you find the book, movie, or CD book you want. But did you every wish you could narrow down searching our online catalog? Here’s some tips! Say I...

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Borrowing Books with Unbound

Our local school students can borrow books from Mason County District Library through a collaborative program called Unbound. Our Scottville Library Director, Patti Skinner has a brief introduction to Unbound for the 2020 –...

Borrow a Chromebook

Mason County District Library patrons can now borrow Chromebooks for up to 3 days. A Chromebook is a small laptop that runs on Android software and connects to the internet with WiFi.

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CD/DVD Recycling at Our Libraries

 Did you know that the first consumer CDs appeared on store shelves in 1983 and DVDs in 1997? Literally billions have been sold since. In America, 32 million of them were sold in 2018...


Wheelers Homebound Delivery

Mason County District Library presents: Wheelers A home-bound library delivery service If you like to read or watch movies, but are unable to come to the library and select your own books, DVDs, or...

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Due to the pandemic, meeting rooms are not available to the public at this time. The Library‚Äôs meeting rooms include the Zonta, Rotary and The West Shore Bank Room at the Ludington Library and the...