Cool Kid Kits at our Libraries

Get ready to experience 3rd Great3rd Great K-3 Cool Kid Kits are a fun and effective way for parents and teachers to help their students reach their literacy potential while having a great time together. Stop in to your Mason County District library today, check out your K-3 Cool Kid Kit and have them reading great by age eight! 

Your child will be taking some tests at the beginning and end of the school year, to determine their reading level. One way to help your child reach their potential is through the 3rd Great! K-3 Cool Kid Kits found at the Mason County District Libraries. There are kits for each of the five areas your student might need – Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, or Comprehension. 

These kits are available at both Ludington and Scottville branches, and check out for two weeks. Simply take one home, work through some of the activities, read the books, and then return the kit. Your student will be better at any skill they need to develop, and you will know that the kits are ready to check out again if needed.

Call either branch to ask about the Cool Kid Kits and encourage the love of reading! Ludington: 231-843-8465; Scottville: 231-757-2588

Lisa Dains

Website administrator, social media manager, ebook and digital device helper.