Forthcoming Bestselling Fiction in 2023

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Publication Date
Andrews, V. C. Eden's Children 01-03-2023
Grippando, James Code 6 01-03-2023
Hunter, Stephen The Bullet Garden 01-24-2023
Koontz, Dean R. The House at the End of the World 01-24-2023
Krentz, Jayne Ann Sleep No More 01-03-2023
Patterson, James The House of Wolves 01-09-2023
Preston, Douglas The Cabinet of Dr. Leng 01-17-2023
Steel, Danielle Without a Trace 01-03-2023
Andrews, V. C. Little Paula 02-07-2023
Johansen, Iris More Than Meets the Eye 02-07-2023
Kellerman, Jonathan Unnatural History 02-07-2023
Robb, J. D. Encore in Death 02-07-2023
Beaton, M. C. Death of a Traitor 02-14-2023
Patterson, James 3 Days to Live 02-14-2023
Dailey, Janet A Calder at Heart 02-21-2023
Hoover, Colleen Never Never: The Complete Series 02-28-2023
Hambly, Barbara The Iron Princess 02-28-2023
Box, C. J. Storm Watch 02-28-2023

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