MeL Scholarship and School Finder

The Michigan Electronic Library, MeL, has a free online scholarship and school finder tool available to all Michigan residents. Using your computer, smartphone or tablet, go to, go to eResources, scroll down to “J”. Click on Job & Career Accelerator, and go to the Discover Schools and Scholarships link. Registration is required, and access is free for Michigan residents. With over 24,000 awards and scholarships listed, Scholarship Finder, available through Job & Career Accelerator by clicking the Discover Schools & Scholarships link, gives students the ability to search for fellowships, grants, and scholarships throughout the United States. On the landing page you can perform a simple search, entering a keyword such as Michigan to find scholarships associated with Michigan colleges or residents (there are 888 scholarships listed for Michigan).  You can also enter terms like engineer or nurse to find scholarships specific to a particular career path. Through the Advanced Search tool, you can narrow your search even more by Affiliations, Athletics, Citizenship, Disability, Ethnicity, Interests, Military, and Special Conditions.

School Finder, also available through Job & Career Accelerator, allows students to match 2- and 4-year college programs to their interests. Additionally, the Advanced School Search tool can help specify Affiliations, Athletics, Community, Cost and Enrollment. Once you’ve identified a college that meets your interest criteria, then you can open the School Profile and learn everything there is to know about that college, including things like library holdings, student demographics, ACT/SAT scores of enrolled students, and even if there is day care available. The many resources at the Michigan Electronic Library are available free to Michigan residents.

Lisa Dains

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