October 11 – Connecting With Others: Who Are They?

Connect and communicate with others – who are those others? Come to the Monday, October 11th session of Shifting Landscapes as sociologist David Hartman addresses this important topic.

The free lecture starts at 7 pm at the Ludington Area Center for the Arts, 107 S Harrison St, Ludington. You can also join in via Zoom. Preregistration is available.

Full Press Release for October 11th Lecture

Mason County District Library and the nonprofit Abondia Center will hold the second event in the 2021-2022 public lecture series, Shifting Landscapes, on Monday, October 11, Connecting with Others: Who are They?, at 7-8:30 pm live at the Ludington Area Center for the Arts and available on Zoom, featuring sociologist David Hartman.

Hartman in classroom
David Hartman, Sociologist

        Shifting Landscapes series looks at six areas of our lives, October through April, that have been reshaped by Covid-19 and the many events that have occurred over the past 20 months. October’s topic is Community. On October 11, David Hartman will explore diverse reactions to reconnecting with other people after covid-19 quarantine was lifted. 

        Team member Cathy Organ said, “Most of us were very eager to end quarantine. But when it was time, many actually found we didn’t want to leave our homes.” Organ smiled, “We often expressed it as not wanting to get out of our ‘sweats’ and into ‘real’ clothes. But,” she continued, “even though it felt odd, it seems it was often signaling we wanted to be different when we went out there and connected with others again.”

        Hartman will look at why some of us found it hard getting back into everyday life. He’ll explore why, since Covid, we might want a different kind of relationship with our family, or are seeking new friends, or are changing priorities.

        “We humans live in contexts,” Hartman said, “But this was profoundly reshaped during the pandemic.  We were without community—bereft of it, in fact.”

        Hartman continued, “Even if you were lucky enough not to have experienced anyone die, there was loss and grief all around us. Friends and people in our community are generally critical to help us get through not only good times but the hard ones as well. But, we had no access to friends and neighbors. So one of the questions now is: How do we reconnect to the vitality possible through community involvement? And what if you’re one of those people, and there are many of us, who is finding you just don’t want to do the same things the same way with the same people before the pandemic?”

        The event is free and can be attended live or on Zoom. Tickets are not required. Registration is helpful. Registration and the link to Zoom is found at mcdl.pub/SL-register. Ludington Center for the Arts (LACA) is located at 107 S Harrison Street, Ludington.

        Shifting Landscapes events exploring Community will continue Monday, October 18 with philosopher Stephen Esquith exploring how our responsibilities to strangers might have shifted as a result of Covid-19.

        Science is the next topic, starting November 1, and continues November 8 and November 15.

        For further information check the library’s website at mcdl.pub/SL-info or contact Thomas Trahey, Mason County District Library at ttrahey@mcdlibrary.org or Brooke Portmann, director of Abondia Center, at baportmann312@gmail.com.

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