October 4: The Individual, Who Am I?

Mason County District Library and the nonprofit Abondia Center open the new 2021-2022 public lecture series, Shifting Landscapes, on Monday, October 4, The Individual: Who Am I? at 7-8:30 pm at the Ludington Area Center for the Arts (107 S Harrison), and on Zoom, featuring poet Margaret Hasse.

Poet Margaret Hasse

Shifting Landscapes, Oct 4

At LACA – 107 S Harrison

Presented by Mason County District Library and Abondia Center

7-8:30 PM, Free.

        Margaret Hasse will read from Shelter, a book of poems and watercolors created and published while both she and visual artist Sharon DeMark were under quarantine due to Covid-19. The book of poems and artworks was created through Zoom exchanges. Hasse and DeMark would volley poems and watercolors. Hasse might start with a poem and DeMark would respond with an image. Edits and reworking would follow until both artists were content.

        Hasse will explore with the audience how this project both helped and fell short of her coming to grips with the isolation and loneliness of Covid.

        Shifting Landscapes team member Cathy Organ commented, “The team talked initially about how we each got through Covid. How some aspects of community were far more important than we thought. How others seemed to decline in value. Not for everyone. But for some, and in important ways. We thought it would be helpful to hear how others might have changed—or not—their ideas about one of the ‘big questions’ we humans ask ourselves, How am I both an individual and a member?”

        “We begin our focus on Community,” Organ continued, “by asking how we as individuals got through Covid. It all starts with us, as individual people, right?”

        “It seems useful to ask,” Organ said, “How did you deal with the isolation during Covid? Were you anxious? Relieved? What have you enjoyed since the restrictions have been eased? What do you miss? Did you experience any unexpected pleasures? Is grief lingering? What do you find perplexing? What is new for you? Different goals? New or changed priorities? Have you been concerned for your mental health? Are you surprised at your super powers—abilities to survive and thrive?”

        Organ went on, “As we come out of such severe quarantining, it’s time to take stock. It will be exciting and helpful to hear how Margaret as a person and as a poet got through it. And to hear from audience members how they survived—maybe even thrived during Covid.”

        All sessions are free and can be attended live or on Zoom. Tickets are not required. Registration is helpful. To register or receive the Zoom link, use mcdl.pub/SL-register.

        Shifting Landscapes’ focus on Community continues Monday, October 11, Connecting with Others: Who Are They?, with sociologist David Hartman, where the focus will be what happened when quarantine ended and connections could be re-established. The third session on Community will occur Monday, October 18, Strangers: Who Are We?, with philosopher Stephen Esquith, and will explore how thinking about our responsibilities to strangers might have shifted during Covid. 

                In November, Shifting Landscapes topic will be Science. These sessions are: Monday, November 1, What is Science and What Do Scientists Do that’s Different? Monday, November 8: Vaccines: How Good Is the Science?, and Monday November 15: Epidemiology: Why Does the Course of Disease Matter?

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