Planetarium Shows at the Ludington Library

Monday, July 18 the Ludington Library will host the StarLab Planetarium, running from 1:00-4:00pm. The portable, inflatable Mylar StarLab dome will be inflated in the West Shore Bank Room of the Ludington Library. Please know that you must crawl into the show. Tickets will be given for each 25-minute show based on attendance limits. All Mason County District Library programs are FREE and children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Long before GPS, early navigators created surprisingly accurate navigation techniques based on the sun and stars. Even modern astronauts used celestial navigation to chart their way to the moon and back! Enjoy the night skies from the security of your library. While you are waiting for the next show, pick up Summer Reading participation sheets and get in on the fun challenges and prizes!

Lisa Dains

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