Shifting Landscapes January 10 – The 1619 Project

The Shifting Landscapes concluded in April, 2022. Watch the recorded sessions on our Mason County District Library YouTube channel. See the list of sessions from 2021-2022 on this page.

The shifting landscape in education is the focus of the three January, 2022, sessions. Starting at 7 pm for the next three Mondays at the Ludington Area Center for the Arts, the event looks specifically at the 1619 Project. Featured guest speaker for January 10th is Dr. Robert Cook, Professor Emeritus of American History, University of Sussex.

Some questions people have about this Project include: What is the 1619 Project? How can something that’s supposedly been true since the beginning of the nation only surface now? Have there been other times when history has been “rewritten” or “revised”? How do you make sense of these fights about what’s historically true? Why dredge up the past?

Dr. Robert Cook has graciously provided his notes for this talk:

I enjoy teaching undergraduate courses at Sussex on the coming of the American Civil War, Civil War memory and African American history since Reconstruction and in 2019 taught an MA course on modern African American history at the Charles University in Prague.

Professor Robert Cook, Professor Emeritus, University of Sussex

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