Shifting Landscapes – November 1

The world shifts and changes more than ever lately. Come to these free sessions to learn, connect, question, and explore each topic. The November lectures focus on Science.

The November 1st session, which runs from 7:00 to 8:30 pm is entitled: “What is Science and What Do Scientists Do that’s Different? Why Trust Them – and for What?” featuring West Shore Community College professor Paul Bilinski. The lecture is in the Ludington Area Center for the Arts’ auditorium and will also be available via Zoom.

Ludington Center for the Arts (LACA) is at 107 S Harrison Street, Ludington. All sessions are free. Attendees are encouraged to register at For further information, contact Thomas Trahey at or Brooke Portmann at

Read more about the Shifting Landscapes series here.

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Press release for November 1st session:

Mason County District Library and Abondia Center now turn to science in the public lecture series Shifting Landscapes on Monday November 1, with What is Science and What Do Scientists Do That’s Different?: Why Trust Them—and for What? at 7-8:30 pm at the Ludington Center for Arts, and on Zoom, featuring West Shore Community College biologist Paul Bilinski.

        Science is the second topic in the Shifting Landscapes series. The 2021-2022 series is exploring six areas of our lives that have been reshaped by or during the Covid-19 epidemic and the many events that have occurred in the past 20 months.

        Paul Bilinski will discuss what the scientific method is and how it has endured in diverse forms for thousands of years. He’ll also look at, from a scientist’s point of view, the statement “science is real.” If it is real, why do facts of science change? Why did recommendations on wearing masks for Covid-19 keep changing? Other questions Bilinski will look at include, What are the various science fields today? Do the types of degrees make a difference in what a scientist does? What has time and, especially, technology, done to change how scientists do science? How common today is the isolated researcher?

        When the team identified topics significant to picking up the pieces of our lives in Covid and post-Covid times, science was high on the team’s list. In asking questions about the nature of science, vaccines, and the course of the pandemic, the series hopes to answer questions on people’s minds. And it hopes the information also helps them get more from news sources as well as their health professionals and others about science that matters to them.

        Additional sessions in science include November 8: Vaccines: How Good is the Science? And November 15: Epidemiology?: Why Does the Course of Disease Matter?

        There will be no sessions in December but Shifting Landscapes will start again January 10 focusing on education, including the 1619 Project (Jan 10), Critical Race Theory (Jan 17), and Teaching Difficult Truths to Children and Youth (Jan 24).

        Events are free, live or by Zoom. Tickets are not necessary but registration is helpful. To register: For information check the Mason County District Library website: or contact Thomas Trahey, Mason County District Library at or Brooke Portmann, director of Abondia Center, at

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