Teens and Tweens (5th – 12th grades)

MiLibraryQuest: Winter 2022

February 1 through March 15

[Scroll down to see our clue below.]

Help us find the stolen laptop and defeat the dastardly Lupin!

The world famous thief Lupin has struck again! This time he pilfered the laptop of a best selling Michigan author containing the only copy of their latest novel. Please help us find where Lupin has stashed the laptop by decoding his taunting notes to Inspector Skirmish before the draft is due on March 15th.

The MiLibraryQuest: Mystery Edition starts on February 1st, 2022, so get those mystery muscles stretched and primed for a great new case to solve.

See our clue below and follow the link there to discover additional clues, solve the mystery, and enter to win a prize!

MiLibraryQuest Mystery Edition

Don’t forget to venture near shoreline to look for the location.

This is one clue to help you solve the mystery of where the pilfered laptop has been hidden.  See more information and additional clues in the “Current Quest” tab here.

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