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Libby, by OverDrive

Borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines to read on your phone or tablet using the Libby app by OverDrive. You can even send and read your borrowed ebooks to your Kindle ereader (U.S. only)! It’s free and easy to get started. Learn more at


Can't find your book? Try a Partner Library

Have you ever been frustrated when you can’t find the book you want with your Libby reading app? Now there are more options. You have access to even more books!

To add your card to use a partner library using Libby:

  1. Go to MENU (the center 3-line icon) > Add Library
  2. Search for the partner library by name (ex: Great Lakes Digital)
  3. Tap Sign In With My Card
  4. Under “Partner Libraries,” choose Mason County District Library and sign in with your card number and PIN

Borrow titles from any of these collections:

  • Download Destination
  • Great Lakes Digital Libraries
  • Lakeland Digital Library
  • Metro Net Library Consortium
  • Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative
  • Midwest Collaborative for Library Services
  • Suburban Library Cooperative
  • Traverse Area District Library
  • UpNorth Digital Collection (our consortium)
  • White Pine Library Cooperative
  • Woodlands Library Cooperative

Once these other libraries are added, you can do a multiple library search by tapping the library card icon while browsing or searching.

Need a visual walkthrough? Here’s a helpful video.

Libby for Amazon Fire Tablets

You can borrow ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and more from your local library in Libby, the newer reading app from OverDrive!

Libby is available in the Amazon Appstore. The Libby app work on Fire tablets manufactured in 2020 or later. Download and start reading now! Access more information on the Libby Help site:

If you have trouble, you can sideload Libby onto your device manually with OverDrive’s Android Package file (APK). Once the APK is installed, the Libby app will appear and function like any other app on your Fire tablet. More details here:

Note: The original “OverDrive” app was removed from the Amazon Appstore on June 7, 2023. Fire tablet users who already have the OverDrive app installed can continue to use it for now, but it is no longer in active development. The OverDrive app will display messaging encouraging those with compatible devices to upgrade to Libby.

Magazines with Libby

Hundreds of digital magazines and available to borrow and read instantly! There are no borrowing limits, and you have access to back issues.

  • Open the Libby app
  • Scroll down until you see Magazines
  • Browse the collection
  • Borrow and read!
  • If you can’t install the Libby app on your device, you can use the Libby webapp in your web browser at
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

With Kindle eReaders like Kindle Paperwhite, you can read Libby (OverDrive) ebooks that have Kindle versions available. You must borrow the ebook with a browser, then send the ebook to your Kindle. Watch this short video about reading Libby books with Kindle.

The Libby app cannot be loaded onto a Paperwhite.

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